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Your First Visit

When you set up an appointment with me on the phone, I will ask you to visit my web site to access the forms to complete and bring to our first meeting. This will allow us more time to address your issues at our first meeting. I will take time to review the conditions of treatment, HIPAA regulations, and answer any questions. If you have any questions regarding signing the paperwork, I would like to discuss these questions before you sign.

If you plan to use insurance, call your insurance company and ask:

  • Are you currently covered?
  • Am I a provider whose services are paid under this plan?
  • What is your annual deductible?
  • What is the percent of coverage?
  • What is the company’s “usual and customary rate?”
  • What is the maximum benefit for outpatient mental health coverage?
  • Please remember to bring your paperwork to our first meeting.

Remember: You are responsible for the entire bill, whether the insurance company pays or not.

I will bill your insurance company monthly as a courtesy to you and will follow up with them to assist in getting reimbursement for services. However, you are responsible for payment. Though I am on most insurance panels, if you happen to have insurance from a company I do not serve, the service might not be covered.

With couples’ work, you will be responsible to pay out-of-pocket, for I treat the relationship, not an individual with a spouse present. I use an approach that focuses on the relationship rather than the individual.

Insurance pays when the focus is on an individual with a mental health disorder and the couple’s work is part of treating that disorder. However, rather than focusing on an individual with a mental health disorder, I treat the relationship. If specific work is needed to address a mental health problem, I will treat the couple and refer them out for individual therapy.

Dr. Wade
Welcome to my practice. I am a licensed psychologist who works as an independent practitioner. This means I have a private practice, and even if I share office space with another practitioner, my practice is separate.
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